HTC One X9, One M10 release date, specs rumor: Next flagships coming early 2016?

Facebook courtesy of HTC

While the One A9 is the latest flagship that HTC offered to its fans, the latest iteration was not the premium flagship follow-up that some observers were expecting. This led to rumors that HTC will be unveiling its next flagships early in 2016.

According to Pocket Lint, HTC was predictable in its previous flagship releases, and if the company will not deviate from its release cycle, then fans can see the next premium flagships as early as February.

According to the industry follower, the dual-product yearly rollout was done with the One M7 and One Max, the One M8 and Desire Eye, and for the current iterations, the One M9 and One A9. This means that in the early months of 2016, possibly at the Mobile World Congress, fans will see the debut of the One M10.

However, it seems that HTC will do away with the One M10 moniker for its next premium flagship. According to one analyst, HTC might retire the M-series name, with the One M9 the last in the lineup.

Aside from the next premium flagship, there were also talks about an HTC follow-up to the One A9 making its way together with the One M10. According to IB Times, however, the rumors that there will be two premium HTC devices are wrong. A forecaster who gave reliable HTC inside information previously hinted that the other iteration, the One X9, will have specs lower than the One A9. Another tipster said that instead of high-end specs, the One X9 will instead carry a 5.5-inch full HD display with a MediaTek chipset, 2 GB of RAM, and 16 GB of internal storage.

If the rumors are proven true, this means that fans will have their first glimpse of two HTC flagships in the early months of next year.