How Does A Broken Heart Bring You Closer to God?


Our hearts break in different ways. There are those who got their hearts broken from the end of a relationship, a betrayal of a friend or sometimes, through rejection and abandonment. While we may not suffer the same kind of heartbreak, the truth is, we feel the same emotions that can leave us feeling miserable...unless you do something about it.

People always say that heartbreaks happen for a reason. It's not going to break you, but instead, will make you stronger. I have to agree with that. I believe that after mending a broken heart, you become a stronger and more confident person. However, aside from these life lessons, there's one important thing you will learn from heartbreaks and that is how similar you are to God.

When you're hurt, you question why God has to make you go through all the pain. But have you ever wondered, what does God feel when you break His heart? Everytime we sin, we break God's heart. Everytime a person rejects His love, His heart is broken. The thing is, God could've created mankind to be mere followers; people who cannot make any choices. And still, God gave us free will to make our own choices. That's how much He loves us and yet, we break His heart.

Having a broken heart shouldn't just be about yourself. Yes it will teach you a great deal in life but it's not just about you. Having a broken heart must bring you closer to God because in this way, you will better understand His character and why He is the only one you truly need in life. Let's ponder on these points:

  1. Betrayal

If you've ever been betrayed by a friend, colleague or a loved one, then you must know how hard it is to move past broken trust. God has been betrayed many times by people He thought he could trust and still, God continued to love them.

What can we learn from this? First, if God can forgive the people who betrayed him, you can too. And another is that if God can continue to love us despite betraying him, we should do so as well.

      2. Rejection

The heart easily breaks when it is rejected. For instance, if a person you love doesn't love you back, the rejection makes you question a lot of things. "Why can't he/she like you?" "Why are you not enough?" "Are you not that good looking?" Such questions will question your self-worth and self-esteem, in which case, unhappiness is most likely the end result.

In life, we cannot completely avoid being rejected. However, you must know that God has been rejected many times as well. A God so merciful and full of goodness is can still be rejected but despite that, He continues to love us all. If God loves you, know that you are worthy and valuable.

3.  Abandonment

Did a loved one leave you? It's not easy to deal with abandonment especially if you cannot understand the reason why someone would leave and hurt you like that. But, we can't get all the answers we seek and most often, life just happens that way. You just have to simply trust His plan.

Jesus has also suffered through the pain of abandonment. When he was crucified, His disciples abandoned him.  Always bear in mind that you are not alone and God will never abandon you.

So what do these points tell us? For one, that God himself has suffered through terrible heartbreaks and yet, He continues to love and forgive. Next, knowing how much are trials and tribulations related to God's story, we can find comfort knowing that God knows exactly how we feel and knows exactly how to heal our hearts. And lastly, know that having a broken heart is never a bad thing. It's God's way of telling you "I'm always here."

So the next time you suffer a heartbreak, welcome it with arms wide open. God is calling you to run into His arms and seek refuge in His love. The moment you realize that God is with you through any heartbreak, you will be closer to him and be confident that even if your heart breaks a million times, God will heal it twice as much.