How to winter-proof your camping experience

(Photo: Dora Pete)

The right sleeping bag
As the temperature will be significantly lower when compared to camping in the summer the main issue to contend with is keeping warm in your tent. A three to four season sleeping bag is a great investment, with most having a limit temperature of minus six degrees and comfort temperature of minus one degree, making them ideal for camping at this time of year. Look out for a mummy style one too as they will help to keep your head warm and are great for being snug.

Don't forget the mat
Tent carpets and sleeping mats are purposefully designed for insulation and will prevent the cold air from seeping through. Some tent carpets are also available in the same pattern and style as the make of tent so will match perfectly.

Stock up on fuel and batteries
Take more fuel than you would usually as it does tend to go much faster in colder weather, you don't want to run the risk of running out and not being able to keep warm or cook food. Stock up on batteries as well as you will probably have to use your torch or lantern a lot more than you would in the summer.

Think ahead
Get your clothes out for the next day, the night before, and stuff them at the bottom of your sleeping bag. This way they will be warmer when it comes to getting dressed, rather than putting on cold clothes.

Check your tent
Finally, check that you do have a water resistant and wind proof tent. Most tents offer some protection but make sure that yours will protect you against the elements. Waterproof spray is also very handy and will add further protection.