How to stop Satan from stealing your Christian identity: 'Return to the Cross'

'Archangel Michael,' an oil-on-canvas painting by Guido Reni (1575-1642) shows the archangel defeating Satan. The painting is on exhibit at the Santa Maria della Concezione in Rome, Italy.(Wikipedia)

Satan apparently never tires of leading people to temptation and tormenting them with the thought that they are no good and do not deserve God's affection.

"Look what you've done! Who do you think you are?" These are Satan's thoughts in people's minds, according to Kyle Winkler, A Christian scholar and book author, writing for Charisma News.

But Winkler says Satan is "scared stiff" of people who identify themselves as followers of Jesus Christ.

In dealing with these people, Satan tries to steal their Christian identity and replace it with his own. Winkler says Satan does this by going into the minds of these people and telling them, "You'll always be who you always were; you were abused by men all of your life; you can't trust any man; you are a victim; drugs and alcohol will always be a temptation—you can't ever overcome it; you are a junkie; you'll always live with bouts of sadness; you are depressed."

"Satan attempts to define who you are. The moment you confess, 'I am ___________' (fill in the blank with a negative feeling, symptom or situation), he succeeds," Winkler writes.

How do you foil Satan's attempt to steal your Christian identity?

Winkler offers a sure-fire way: "Return to the Cross to put on Jesus' identity ... Envision yourself at Calvary; not an inch of you is untouched by Jesus' blood. Now declare this aloud: 'I clothe myself in You, Jesus. I put on Your righteousness.'"

Having declared this, you will hear Jesus' reply: "It is finished! Slavery to sin is finished. Guilt and shame are finished. The question of 'Does God love me?' is finished."

People who feel they are being tempted by Satan should know, as God wants them to know, that: "You are not your past, your feelings or what anyone has ever spoken about you. His Word is your reality. And covered in Christ, He declares that you are spotless, clean, pure, holy and righteous ... To God, you look like Jesus because you're covered in Jesus. Yes, you have an identity that no devil can accuse, because it's not about you, but about Him in whom Satan can find no fault," says Winkler, who holds a Master of Divinity in biblical studies from Regent University.

To complete your victory over Satan, you may then declare: "I am the righteousness of God in Christ!" he says.

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