How to overcome doubt and trust God more


It's often common amongst people to believe that doubt is healthy and a good way to protect the self. However, the Bible teaches us differently. It directs us to have faith that brings life and not doubt that inhibits growth.

In the book, "Dealing with Doubt," Gary R. Habermas shares an interesting statistic from a study made on Campus Crusade attendees. The study shows that out of the tens of thousands of people who attend the large-scale evangelical event, 25 percent have doubts concerning their relationship with God.

And it's probably true that other ministries may face the same dilemma. That's how many Christians struggle with doubt today.

Every Christian knows the disciple Thomas for being the one who doubted Jesus' resurrection. While everyone was excited that their Master and Lord had been raised from the grave, he was the one that remained skeptical, and said "Unless I see the nail marks in his hands... I will not believe it."

How often do we find ourselves like doubting Thomas? When at the brink of breakthrough, it's often the best thought to hold off all optimism until the check clears, the doctor says you're cancer free or you're parents finally reconcile. As practical as that sounds, is it how God wants us to respond to His promises and His faithfulness?

Here are three reasons why we don't have to hold on to doubt and put our full faith in the promises of Christ.

1. His promises never fail

There is not one promise that God has not fulfilled. The Bible is filled with thousands of promises that He intends to fulfil in your life, and you can be sure that He will make it come to pass. God has fulfilled promises before, so He will definitely continue to do so because He is the same yesterday, today and forever.

2. He makes all things work together for our own good

Romans 8:28 says, "And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose."

When in doubt whether God is truly working, we can be assured that He makes all things work together and it's always for our good. That is why there is no need to fear when your breakthrough doesn't seem to be anywhere in sight because God knows the right time it should come.

3. He overcame sin and death, the two biggest problems

Jesus was willing to give us and, and moreover he indeed gave us His all. What reason is there to fear that He will come through? When Jesus conquered sin and death, He conquered the biggest problems that mankind ever had. Compared to our sin and imminent death as a result of our sin, lack, sickness, depression, identity crisis and any other problem seems small.

Does this mean that doubt will never creep into your heart again? Not necessarily. As human as we are, doubt and fear will always find it's way. Although, as we draw closer to Christ and trust in his promises, God will remove doubt and replace it with his love and grace.