How do I know which church is the 'right church' for me?


Because church is composed of imperfect people, there is no perfect church that possesses all the ideals we all want and look for.

There is, however, a church that's perfect for you, and in this article we'll talk about how to know what that church is.

Finding the right church

Finding the right church need not be difficult, but it must not be done hastily either.

Many people are not discerning in choosing a church to come and commit to, and thus they end up receiving the wrong teachings, committing themselves to causes that aren't really important, and cause their own growth in the Lord to slow down or totally stop.

Yes, these things do happen to those who go to the wrong church.

The right church, however, will bring good things to the life of any Christian.

Those who choose the right church receive sound Biblical and Godly instruction, find themselves faced with opportunities to exercise their gifts for the right purposes, and allow themselves to receive "nutrients" necessary as they grow in Christ.

Excited to find the right church for you? If you are, here are a few things you should consider when looking for a church.

What to look for in a church

"And they continued steadfastly in the apostles' doctrine and fellowship, in the breaking of bread, and in prayers." (Acts 2:42)

1) Sound teaching

The very first thing that you should look for in a church would be sound teaching.

There are many good-looking, thickly populated churches today but many of them lack sound Biblical teaching. Their teachings revolve on prosperity, their style is worldly, and their aim is to get more people to come and attend, instead of preaching the Gospel of Christ.

Check the church's website and see their statement of faith, or the page that says "what we believe." Otherwise, go to the church and ask for such documents. Knowing what the church believes in and teaches will help you determine if it has sound teaching.

2) Authentic and warm fellowship

Are the people in that church warm and sincere in how they accommodate you and your family? If the teachings are Biblically sound and the people are loving and Christ-like, chances are you've found a good church to go to.

Authentic fellowship is a key element to a good church. Believers ought to love one another and serve one another, and pray for each other. This is what God's people should be doing to each other.

3) Prayer

The church you choose should be one that has a fiery prayer life. Church leaders should be prayerful, and the gatherings characterized with a significant amount of prayer times. God should be central to that church's activities, not the activities themselves.

4) Continuous remembrance of Jesus Christ

The church you choose should always remind itself of what the Lord Jesus Christ has done. Think about it: Christianity is about Him, and when He's taken out of the picture it's not Christianity anymore.

5) The Holy Spirit is the one leading

Many churches might have the first four played out well, but they miss this last factor that's so important, churches will die without Him: the Holy Spirit.

Some churches stifle and grieve the Holy Spirit. Some try to silence and stop Him from doing His thing, while others spread mystical teachings about Him. Both are wrong.

The Holy Spirit should be the one leading the church.

Final thoughts

Some factors really aren't as important as these four.

Worship styles may differ, but as long as the church worships the Father in Spirit and in truth, and Christ is glorified, then it should be OK. Full band or choir, worship is for God, not us.

Clothing styles may vary, but as long as they don't take the place of God and do not cause people to stumble, then it's OK. No nudity and improper attire, please.

Location might be a big factor, but it shouldn't be. If there are no good churches around your area, don't settle for less than what you need. Look for one somewhere else.