How could this blind Iraqi refugee memorise 87 chapters of the Bible?

A blind Iraqi refugee has memorised an astonishing 87 chapters of the Bible using a solar-powered audio Bible.

'Fadhil' – not his real name – is a refugee in Amman, Jordan.

'Fadhil' has memorised 87 chapters of the Bible.LTW

He was given the device, which weighs only 2.3 ounces and is smaller than an iPhone, by a team from evangelistic ministry Leading The Way.

A Leading the Way partner who visited him in his home said it was humbling to hear him. 'It was convicting, because for us we memorise a couple of verses. But he memorised chapters. He just meditates on scriptures day in and day out,' said David Bottoms.

The solar-powered MP3 device distributed by Leading The Way.LTW

Another partner, Ron Hughes, added: 'Fadhil is someone who would seem unremarkable by the ways of the world. But God doesn't choose to reveal himself through the mighty and the powerful and the rich. He reveals himself through the poor and the humble.'

Being in his home, he said, was 'an amazing experience'.

Leading The Way has distributed more than 116,000 'Navigator' devices in 25 different languages, each with the Scriptures and messages from founder Dr Michael Youssef.

It estimates that for each device, roughly 10 people have the opportunity to hear the gospel.

Youssef said: 'God is using these marvellous little pocket missionaries. I'm just so thrilled at what God is doing.'

A video of Fadhil speaking can be seen here.