Horror film about the rapture, 'The Remaining,' coming to theatres

Affirm Films

Writer, producer, and director Casey La Scala is bringing another dark tale to the silver screen.

A new movie, "The Remaining," follows those left behind after the rapture in a terrifying, action-packed, thriller.

Unlike the popular "Left Behind" film series or the HBO original programme "The Leftovers," those who are called to be with the Lord in "The Remaining" leave their physical bodies behind. A trailer for the film shows people slumping to the ground, their eyes a haunting, grey color.

The film's production company said that La Scala's portrayal is the more accurate depiction of the rapture.

"In really diving into the word 'paralambano'— the Greek word... what's interesting is that same word is used when the angel tells Joseph about Mary— 'Do not be afraid to take Mary as your wife,'" Affirm Films Senior Vice President Rich Peluso said.

"So obviously to take her... is not to make her disappear. It's another shade of this word, to bring someone into yourself— to receive them."

In the film, those who are left behind experience chaos, and they appear to be chased by an evil, destructive force. La Scala said presenting the story of the rapture in the horror genre felt appropriate.

"I started thinking of a global 'Paranormal Activity' and then I started thinking about when I was a young Christian going to church camp these counselors would tell us these stories of tribulation," he told The Blaze.

"And I remember how scary it was. I always had visions of Jesus coming down from the clouds. All of these things kind of came together and I started thinking about the rapture and what an interesting point of departure it would be."

The "Donnie Darko" producer also said that the depiction is biblically-backed.

"I went through the Bible. It's biblically accurate," La Scala said. "I used the timeline. And that was one of those things that was interesting. I could have made a completely different film if I didn't make it biblically accurate."

He expressed hope that after viewing the film, moviegoers will reevaluate their relationships with others and with God.

"Have you settled the things you need to say? Have you made decisions with faith?" La Scala asked.

"I want [the audience] to take away this idea of [considering] where are they right now— where are we with the people we love, where are we in our lives?

"That feeling that life can disappear at the blink of an eye. You don't know when it's going to happen... life could end at any moment.

"The Remaining" will be released in 17 cities on Sept. 5.

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