Hillsong takes worship songs to the world

Hillsong has broken through language and cultural barriers to produce The Global Project.

The project is a collection of Hillsong's most impactful songs.

The nine albums have been recorded in nine languages and will be released simultaneously across the world on 18 September.

The project has come together in partnership with ministries across Asia, South America, and Europe.

Songs on the albums include Hillsong classics "Mighty to Save" and "Hosanna", but also more recent releases like "God is Able".

The Global Project will be available in Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, Mandarin Indonesian, German, French, Swedish and Russian.

Hillsong said it wanted to use the project to unite the body of Christ, break down denominational, cultural and geographical barriers, and bring churches and ministries together.

"We are directed to 'go into all the world' and as a church we are committed to proclaiming Christ for the entire planet," shares Hillsong worship pastor, Reuben Morgan, about the motivation for the project.

"There is something powerful about singing a song in your own language.

"God cares about all people in all nations and it was a privilege to work with so many great people and churches who are passionately bringing truth and hope to their countries."

The Global Project will allow more Christians than ever before to sing their favourite Hillsong tracks in their own tongue.

Although the Hillsong worship team performs on each of the albums, the national Hillsong vocalists provide the vocals in the respective languages.

They include Sidney Mohede, worship leader at JPCC True Worshippers in Indonesia, who said: "As part of the global Church, there is no better time than now to show that the more we are united in love, the more the world sees our Christ."

The Global Project is at the heart of Hillsong Church’s vision. Senior Pastor of Hillsong, Brian Houston said, “We exist to champion the cause of local church."