'Half Life 3' rumors: Video writer's answer misfires, sends false hopes for gamers

[photo: Commons Wikimedia/Valve Corporation]

The thing about rumors is that you should be careful what you say, especially if you are connected with a company known for a widely popular game such as "Half Life."

And as "Half Life" game fanatics are concerned, hope was somehow ignited on a possible "Half Life 3" game. Apparently, speculations started when an uncanny question was thrown at video game writer Chet Faliszek and an official employee of Valve Corporation at the EGC 2015 event in the United Kingdom. 

The question thrown was on whether or not "Half Life 3" would be a virtual reality game. Depending on how you take the answer, Faliszek replied with a "No."

Not once or twice (with the second a bit out of jest) was that answered. So given that response, is there a "Half Life 3" truly in the works?

Now, hold on; those words came from Faliszek and not the actual Valve employee. The person in mention never made any confirmation but simply said that "if the game were made or even if it is being made" then it won't be a virtual reality game.

Now, that makes a whole lot of difference and all hopes of "Half Life 3" truly in the works remain a theory or an assumption for now.

With all the new tech coming out, virtual reality is apparently making some noise as of late. And given the gameplay of "Half Life" in the past, particularly in "Half Life 2," a virtual reality setting would indeed sound neat.

But then again, that would be fast-forwarding a bit, since there is no game confirmed yet to begin with.

Right now, there is no sufficient evidence that there is a "Half Life 3" in the making. In fact it may never happen. Hence, the best way right now is to hope — hope that Valve decides to make a third installment and then take it from there — including all this hype about virtual reality.