'GTA 5': 'Casino' DLC coming true for 'GTA V' online feature?

Twitter courtesy of Rockstar Games

While most fans are waiting for developments on the follow-up to "Grand Theft Auto V," some are still enjoying the current installment, particularly the online multiplayer feature. Speculations of a new expansion for the multiplayer "GTA Online" floated anew.

According to Inquisitr, a supposed leak allegedly detailing the next DLC for "GTA Online" surfaced, courtesy of tipster Funmw2. The industry follower said that the tipster again took to YouTube to detail supposed information about an upcoming "Casino" DLC for the online multiplayer.

Apparently, details from 1.13 code of "GTA Online" describes the upcoming DLC as massive and major. In addition, the tipster also mentioned that the expansion will supposedly be two-fold. Aside from "GTA Online" receiving the DLC, the single-player feature for "GTA V" will supposedly have its own expansion.

The Gamer Scene added that developer Rockstar Games will make the "Casino" DLC as close to real life as possible. If the rumored DLC will indeed release, this means that stakes, bets, and rules on the supposed mini games in "GTA Online" -- blackjack, poker, slots, to name a few -- will be similar to how they are played in the real world.

The industry follower added that this is not the first time that a "Casino" DLC for "GTA Online" cropped up. Apparently, player clamor and a number of alleged leaks and inside details have floated online ever since the title was released back in 2013.

Meanwhile, the latest expansion that developer Rockstar Games rolled out for "GTA Online" is the "Executives and Other Criminals" DLC, unlocking criminal and VIP groups in-game and letting players build their own organizations and even hire other online "GTA V" players as bodyguards. The DLC also added a number of new properties, gears, weapons, and vehicles for "GTA Online" players to choose from.