GTA 6 release date news: exotic setting, time-travel feature getting gamers buzzing

Grand Theft Auto Online - Pegassi ReaperRockstar Games

GTA 6 rumors are pouring in like never before given the latest one being that it is leaving the US borders to include foreign locations. The word on the block is that London of 1960s is going to be the "GTA 6" destination, which seems to be a pleasant surprise if Rockstar plans to go vintage!

According to GTA 5 Cheats, Rio is one of the best possible maps for "Grand Theft Auto. The only downside to a Rio map is the lack of variation in the landscape. But it could lead to an effective story-telling. 

Another claim is that the upcoming game will be set up in San Diego, California. This sounds only logical since with its manmade structures and natural beauty it contains all elements to pep-up the game.

The next GTA is bringing three new vehicles and five new official stunt race maps. If the London theme is approved, it will bring with it vintage cars, bell-bottomed pants and serpentine sideburns. The new vehicles that are rumoured to be included include an armored pickup truck designed for Executives , a mid-range racecar and a fun-to-drive Dune.

The game will also see the alleged futuristic twist which can give the gamers the taste of timetravel. The game is rumored to be coming about with the feature that makes teleportation possible within a split-second.

The GTA 6 is much anticipated as the last game was released three years ago , and fans who want more are paying attention to all recent announcements by Rockstar.

Rumors of GTA 6 apart, talk of Rockstar launching a new accompanying GTA Online mode game dubbed GTA02, is also a hot topic for discussion on social media and tech platforms.

However some sources claim that its still time before the game it out as GTA 6  is waiting a 2020 release on the newest generation of consoles such as Play Station 5 and Xbox 2, before hitting the shelves. While that may quell the enthusiam a bit, who knows it might just be a rumour and the game might infact come to light earlier.