GTA V Online tips and tricks: No Heists, 'Hipster' DLC update available now

The Hipster DLC update for "Grand Theft Auto" 5 has arrived. But before you make any moves that you might regret, there are tips and tricks that you may want to hear out first.

So, the "GTA" Hipster DLC update offers 7 brand new cars, namely the Rhapsody, Warrener, Glendale, Blade, Panto (microcar) and Dubsta (can be unlocked at Rank 100). The Dubsta is an insanely big car—3 axle and 6-seater.

DomisLive, a "GTA"5 tipster shares some few tips and tricks, reports IBT. Since you will want to have those 7 new cars in your garage, you need to find a way to get rid of the unused and old cars you have. How can you do this?

But first, you have to decide which old cars you want to get rid of. You can ask suggestions from your friends. Consider the usefulness of each car before getting rid of them. And make sure that you are replacing your "antique" car with something as rare. In "GTA" 5, there's not much rare cars going around.

The first thing to do is invite a friend to an online session and invite him or her to your apartment garage. If you've already decided on what car to get rid of, donate it to your friend, given that this is a special and expensive car. On the other hand, if it's a cheap ride, just call Mutual Insurace and sell it. Another way to make some money is to sell your old and unused cars and bikes at Los Santos Customs. Do note that you need complete a wanted level before you can donate the car to a friend.

DomisLive also shares another trick to teach players how to do a handle-bar grind on a BMX. The trick enables you "to jump across fences using ramps."