'GTA 5' DLC: 'GTA' voice actor hints at new content involving 'San Andreas' character

A "GTA 5"DLC is said to be on the way, if voice actor Young Malay's Instagram activity is any indication.Rockstar

Another social media sighting has made fans believe that a "GTA 5" DLC is on the way. Young Malay, who was the voice actor for "GTA: San Andreas" character Carl Johnson, posted an intriguing photo on Instagram.

Young Malay shared a collage of his character, "GTA 5" lead character Franklin Clinton and a photo of himself with Shawn Fonteno (the voice behind Franklin). In the caption, he made mention of a "GTA" DLC, prompting fans to assume that Carl Johnson will be in "GTA 5" via an additional content.

The interesting part is that Young Malay deleted the original post and replaced it with the same photo but without the word "DLC" in the caption. According to Express UK, game developer Rockstar has instructed him to take it down to prevent any "GTA 5" DLC leak.

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For starters, the photo showed that Young Malay and Fonteno have been spending time together. This could mean that whatever this "GTA 5" DLC is about, it could involve their characters.

Rumor has it that this DLC will be integrated to the story mode of "GTA 5." Some are guessing that the "GTA 5" DLC will interconnect Franklin and Carl Johnson with a backstory that will be the center of the add-on.

For now, Rockstar is completely mum about their future DLC plans, but the fact that Young Malay changed his "GTA"-related post hints that he may have spilled the beans on something the game studio is not ready to reveal yet.

Rumors about a "GTA 5" DLC have been flying around for a while now. Fonteno himself has also teased the Franklin-Carl connection. Last year, he posted a photo of himself with a "GTA" poster behind him. In the caption, he urged fans to be tight-lipped, hinting that something really is brewing.


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Whether or not "GTA 5" DLC for the game's story mode will be released, only time will tell.