GTA 6 release date news: Truth and rumors about sequel

After the successful release of GTA 5 back in September 2013, the game has shipped over 52 million copies as of last month, according to an article published by VG 24/7. The game publisher, Take-Two Interactive, confirmed the game's success during its FY2015 financial report. "During fiscal 2015, we seamlessly launched five triple-A titles for the holiday season led by Grand Theft Auto V and NBA 2K15; added an exciting new franchise with the successful release of Evolve; and achieved record digitally-delivered revenue, including our highest-ever revenues from recurrent consumer spending," said Strauss Zelnick, Take-Two CEO.

GTA VRockstar Games

Rockstar Games, game developer for the Grand Theft Auto franchise, is reported to have raked in $1 billion during the first three days of GTA 5's release. The historical sales figures achieved within three days of the release is proof of how much the gaming community anticipates GTA game releases. Thus, less than two years after GTA 5's launch, it is no wonder that rumors regarding GTA 6 are already aplenty.

Several gaming forums and news portals have speculated that the GTA 6's release will come on July of next year. However, the 2017 was debunked and a 2018 one is now what the community faithfully and hopefully believes in. Fan-made websites dedicated to GTA 6, such as, came out with the same prediction. However, Rockstar Games has yet to release any official statement nor confirm anything regarding the anticipated game's development and possible release date.

The only tangible hints regarding the game are from Dan Houser's, Rockstar Co-founder, interview with the Guardian, which was done during GTA 5's release. "At the moment it feels like Grand Theft Auto's D.N.A. is contemporary-ish, America-ish, English-speaking-ish, because that's what it has been," said Houser during the interview.

Rockstar North President Leslie Benzies, in an interview with Develop, also gave an insight regarding GTA 6's development status. He said, "We don't know what 'GTA VI' will be, but we've got some ideas." It should be noted that the interview with Houser and Benzies were both done almost two years ago.