'Grimm' season 6: Bitsie Tulloch talks about her character Eve


Just after "Grimm" fans accepted Juliette's death at the end of the fourth season, a person who looks and sounds like her suddenly appeared in the previous episode of season 5.

After the season 4 finale, the cast and crew of the show said that Bitsie Tulloch's character is already dead and will no longer return to the show for the fifth season. Now the actress is already back on the show, but she is not exactly Juliette.

"Juliette's flesh and blood, her DNA, is still alive," the actress told TVLine. "But this is not Juliette."

Tulloch further discussed her new character named Eve after her introduction in the episode titled "Wesen Nacht."  The appearance offered little information about her aside from her being the powerful Hexenbeist of Hadrian Wall who is prepared to attack and destroy Black Claw anytime.

According to the actress, Eve can be described as a "weapon." This is very different from Juliette's jolly persona. "She is very badass, and she's almost robotic... It's not so much that she's ruthless, it's that she's very calculated and all she's focused on is getting the job done."

But those who are still confused about the sudden appearance of Eve in the series will find out the answers in the upcoming episode of "Grimm" season 5 titled "Eve of Destruction," according to series co-creator David Greenwalt.

"She has a big scene with Nick in Episode 7, and she's just a completely different person who doesn't even relate to Juliette anymore — because, to her, Juliette's dead," Greenwalt teased in a separate TVLine report.

In addition, the report cited the teaser of the series co-creators, who said that Eve will be a part of the upcoming episodes of "Grimm" season 5 when the show returns next year.

According to Greenwalt, Eve will do something in all the future episodes of the show. However, series co-creator James Kouf said that Tulloch's new character will no longer work with Nick (David Giuntoli) and the rest of the gang unlike before.

"Grimm" season 5 returns on air on Friday, Jan. 29, on NBC.