Great Revival Going On in Iran, With Many Coming to Faith Through Dreams or Visions of Jesus, Believers Say

Christians pray inside an underground church in Iran.(World Watch Monitor)

The numbers prove the great revival going on in Iran.

According to a Christian convert named Reza, in 1994 there were about 100,000 Christ followers in Iran. "Right now, there are 3 million," he told CBN News.

Reza believes this is the handiwork of the Holy Spirit that is sweeping over the predominantly Muslim Middle East country of more than 79 million people.

CBN News recently met and talked with Reza and other Iranian believers outside of their country in central Turkey where they have been forced to flee to avoid persecution in their native land.

The Christian news outlet found them possessing an "infectious and joyous faith," clapping their hands and cheering like fans at a World Cup match when someone gets baptised in their house church.

These are the Iranians who show that their country has two sides—one showing hatred to America and the other showing love for Jesus Christ and, yes, to America and Israel as well.

Reza said many of his countrymen, just like him, have turned to Christ by way of dreams or visions.

"I had a dream. I had a dream long time back and every time that Jesus was with me," he said. "And in all of my life, He was helping me and I didn't know who was this Person. Suddenly Jesus Christ was over there and He said, 'Come to Me.' And I came to that side and He accepted me."

Raizal, Reza's sister, said she joined her brother in fleeing Iran because of the "really bad situation there."

"I couldn't pray [to] God with all my heart because all trouble was there. Even if I say 'Jesus Christ,' they may kill me," she said.

But despite the risk of arrest, detention and even death, believers inside Iran still keep the faith, their fellow Christian countrymen in Turkey said.

Reza said these believers have established houses churches. "The main church is my house, and through the Internet I connect to everybody" via Skype, he said. "That's why it's become like an Internet church."

The Iranian Christ followers now in Turkey do not want to go back to their country and are seeking refugee status with the United Nations and hoping to immigrate to other countries someday.

In the meantime, they ask fellow Christians around the world to pray for the Church in Iran.

"And I'm just begging, really, from the other believers, from other sisters and brothers from all over the world, to pray for Iran and to all the people of Iran to find new God and be familiar with God, with Jesus Christ," Reza said.