'Gotham' season 1: Series to take different spin from DC comics

The new "Gotham" TV series may have a different take on the small screen compared to the popular DC comics.

Show creators Bruno Heller and Danny Cannon have been talking to IGN about how they will narrate the popular superhero story and will give it a completely new spin.

Batman is a classic character that has spawned lots of movie and small screen adaptations. This time, both Batman and Gotham will be heading to the TV adaptation and reports state that all of the other characters will have the same screen time. This is probably the opportunity for other characters to have an in-depth story where other live action adaptations have failed to do in the past.

Bruno Heller and Danny Cannon created "The Mentalist" and are now behind the new FOX series. The new series will narrate the life of Bruce Wayne 20 years before he donned the famous suit. In Batman, Gotham is simply a backdrop of Bruce's character and his story of becoming a superhero.

"It reminds me of a band like The Rolling Stones. Should you never play their songs? That's the world to me. It's that rich. If it were music, it'd be The Rolling Stones. It would be The Beatles. It's that great a franchise. I just hope we play their songs well," Cannon said.

It was recently revealed that Kyle Massey and Carol Kane will join the cast of the first season of the show. Carol Kane is set to play the mother of Oswald Cobblepot (Robin Lord Taylor), Gertrud Kapelput. Dedicated fans know that Cobblepot eventually becomes Batman's archenemy The Penguin.

Massey, on the other hand, will play the role of Macky, who is apparently a neglected and abused kid who has been living on the streets of Gotham, according to TVLine.

"Gotham" will be introduced at the San Diego Comic-Con on July 26 and will come to FOX in the fall.

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