Gospel artist shares love for animals as PETA spokesperson

Christian gospel artist Dewayne Wood has a big heart for God and a big heart for his creation too.

He's signed up as a spokesperson for the charity, PETA, working against animal cruelty.

The "Let Go" singer appears in a cute poster with his pet dogs and words of wisdom from Proverbs 12:10, "The righteous care for the needs of their animals".

Dewayne loves his pet dogs so much that he refers to them as his "kids" and believes it is good for children to be raised in an environment where they see animals being loved and cared for.

His adorable dogs make an appearance in a video ad for the charity too, in which Dewayne shares his horror at the training of dogs to fight each other and the treatment of circus animals.

He asks people to treat their animals as they would members of their own family.

"Animals are always family to me ... I always call my dogs 'kids'," he says.

"Anytime that a child can associate the love of an animal with another human being I definitely think that's going to help our culture."

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