Gospel Singer Shot Dead, Recalls Seeing 'Heavenly City' before God Brings Him Back to Life


Gospel singer Tony Davis was shot five times and died, his heart shutting down. But half an hour later, to the doctors' utter shock, he opened his eyes. He's alive again! And that was just one of three miracles that happened to him.

How did this happen?

God Reports tells the amazing story of this rededicated Christian who went straight to heaven after he died. But he heard a voice—in all probability God's—telling him that, no, he's not staying there permanently yet because he still has a mission to perform on earth.

Davis was on his way to pick up his wife from work in Los Angeles, California when he became the random victim of a gang initiation. Gang members suddenly emerged from the side of the road and started firing their guns at him.

The first bullet struck his leg, causing him to collapse on the ground. Four other bullets pierced his body.

Bleeding heavily, Davis asked God, "Why have you deserted me? I can't believe you let this happen after I dedicated my life to you."

Davis then realised that what just happened to him was the work of the devil, not God.

A woman in white appeared out of nowhere and rubbed his head, telling him, "It's going to be all right."

Davis felt his spirit floating away from his body as his heart stopped beating.

He then saw "a huge beautiful city" with "beautiful colours he had never seen on earth before."

But the wonderful feeling of complete peace and joy lasted only for a while as God told him that He's sending him back to earth with a new mission. "It's not yet your time. It's time to go back," he heard God telling him.

He then felt his spirit returning back to his body lying on a table at Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center. The doctors had just finished seven hours of surgery. They later informed his wife Chriselda that "he died on the table."

Moments later, he proved the doctors wrong as he awoke, his heart beating again.

That was just the first miracle that happened to him that day.

Doctors told him they would have to amputate his badly injured leg.

Davis once again began to question God. "Why has this happened? I'm not a bad person," he protested.

God replied, speaking to his heart: "There is something I want you to do."

"What's that Lord?" Davis asked.

"Forgive," God replied. "If you forgive I'll make you whole."

He resisted the thought initially but realised he had to do God's bidding and forgive his attackers.

All of a sudden Davis felt a warm sensation on his leg. It was God's miraculous touch healing his body.

Once again, the doctors were dumbfounded when they saw him moving his "dead" leg.

Davis closed his eyes, whispering, "Thank you God."

A third miracle happened the next day when one of the doctors removed a tube from his throat that was placed there to allow him to breathe. The doctors had earlier told him that he might not be able to speak or sing again after the tube was removed.

When the tube was removed, Davis took a deep breath.

"Say one word," the doctor told him.

"Jesus," Tony uttered.

"I can sing, I can jump on my leg," he told the doctors.

Davis now believes that God restored his life to send him on a mission to share to the world about the power of forgiveness and undying faith in God.