GoPro Hero 5 specs to feature 3D videos?

The GoPro Hero 4. Rumors say the next-in-line will have significantly improved features.GoPro Official website

The highly successful market for action video and image shooters have made people speculate on what the next GoPro will be. 

The GoPro series has long been connected to action cameras. People who want to purchase an action cam always have a GoPro on their list, and often prefers it over the competition. 

Why does the GoPro series take that much of a hold on the action camera market? The current generation, the GoPro Hero 4, released in the latter part of last year, is one of the top action cameras available in the market. With a decent battery life, multiple connectivity options, a 30 fps frame rate, and a more-than-justified price range, it is no wonder that the Hero 4 is one of the top action cams that people buy. 

Fans of the GoPro Hero 4 are excited about the rumors floating around regarding the action cam's successor. Rumored specs of the GoPro Hero 5 are already circulating online, and if these features are indeed what the next action cam will bring, then the Hero 5 is a more powerful tool than what fans have imagined. 

It is speculated that the Hero 5 will be able to capture 3D videos, largely due to the dual lens feature of the upcoming device. This option, coupled with the rumoured 8K resolution capability, will make the Hero 5 a formidable video and image shooter. 

Aside from the drastically upgraded specs, the Hero 5 is also speculated to sport a more generous power source, and at 2800 mAh, will have more than the battery life of the previous Hero 4. With this kind of juice, the Hero 5 can record up to two hours of continuous video on a single charge. 

The Hero 5 will also sport Bluetooth 4.0, so that users can transfer and upload files much faster.