GoPro Hero 5 release date delay update: Pushed back to give Karma drone spotlight?

Fans of the GoPro action-camera series may have to wait a while longer for the highly anticipated GoPro Hero 5. According to a report from Inquisitr, it is possible that the GoPro Hero 5 will not be released simultaneously with the upcoming Karma drone and instead will be launched months after the drone's release.

GoPro Hero 4, the most recent iteration of the GoPro camerasGoPro

The report points out that a lot of marketing has been released for the Karma drone, including preview videos [below] that showcase the drone in action. However, all of these videos only showcase how the drone performs but they do not show what the Karma actually looks like or how it is controlled.

It is also stated that the Karma and GoPro Hero 5 were previously rumored to be bundled together and may be released this summer given that the company is trying to compete directly against DJI, one of the most renowned manufacturers of consumer drones.

However, it is now stated that the GoPro Hero 5 will be launched by October or even later. According to the report, it is possible that the delay was decided upon in order to give the spotlight to the drone. This will also allow GoPro the company to determine how well the Karma performs as a standalone product before they bundle it with any of their cameras.

Another speculated cause for the delay is to allow further improvements to be implemented on to the GoPro Hero 5. The GoPro Hero 5 is rumored to include a faster processor such as the Ambarella H1 System on Chip in order to be able to record videos in 4K resolution. 

Other rumored features include the capability to record in full true 3D and better online capabilities in order to allow consumers to stream videos live and to connect their videos instantly to YouTube and other social media outlets. Unfortunately, GoPro Inc. has not yet made any confirmation regarding any of the supposed new features.

GoPro Karma, drone that may release simultaneously or before the GoPro Hero 5