'Godspot': Churches in Germany offer free Wi-Fi to attract millennials

The free Internet connection provided by German churches called 'Godspot' hopes to lure more people to the church and get to know the Gospel.(Twitter/Sara Sommer)

Protestant churches in Germany are offering free Wi-Fi in order to attract more millennials to their churches and get them interested in the Word of God.

These churches have dubbed the free Internet connection as "Godspot," and it is made available in areas where there are large populations of atheists and agnostics, according to the Gospel Herald.

The Evangelical Church Berlin-Brandenburg-Silesian Oberlausitz (EKBO) from East Germany is planning to provide free Internet connection to more than 3,000 churches and religious buildings across the region.

There are no strings attached to the connection, since the EKBO assures that Godspot will be a secure connection that will not require users to provide any personal information. At the same time, there is no registration required.

The free Internet connection is not just for luring new possible churchgoers, since it can also be utilised by worshippers inside church buildings and also by people who are simply passing by.

Godspot will not require any registration, but after connection, users will be redirected to a landing page that will share information about the church and its history. The same page will discuss topics such as "faith and life" in order to inspire people to get to know God more.

Should users choose not to read about church topics, developers of Godspot have given their assurance that they will no longer be bombarded with any kind of church advertising, including information about the church.

As of the moment, Godspot is available in more than 220 churches in Berlin and Brandenberg, such as the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church in Charlottenburg and the French Friedrichstadt Church in Gendarmenmarkt.