God using Donald Trump to wake up America, says Christian faith speaker

Republican presidential aspirant Donald Trump ‘is sounding a trumpet to the nation that our nation is broken and needs to be fixed,’ according to Os Hillman, president of Marketplace Leaders.Reuters

During the past weeks, Republican presidential aspirant Donald Trump has been attracting controversy for airing his unfiltered views on American society. He has drawn the ire of some, particularly on his views on Mexican immigration, Senator John McCain as a war hero and, after Thursday's Republican presidential debate, how he looks at women.

For one Christian faith speaker, however, Trump is serving as an instrument of God and a modern "prophetic voice" to wake up America, which some prominent pastors have described as having strayed from Christian values.

In an editorial published on Charisma News, Os Hillman, president of Marketplace Leaders, said Trump was sent by God "to uncover the veil of the current political leadership and culture in America."

Hillman, who is an internationally recognised speaker on the subject of faith at work, said Trump is exposing the morally corrupt ways of America's current leaders.

"Trump is articulating what we all felt was under that veil—deception, lying, lack of accountability and pandering to what is politically correct. Trump is seeking to represent something that is the exact opposite," the Christian faith speaker said.

He also accused current political leaders, particularly US President Barack Obama and leading Democrat presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton, of only taking a stand on issues to please the public, no matter how immoral that position is.

Hillman, an author of 14 devotional books, said the current political culture has already developed leaders who will "be politically correct even at the expense of moral behavior."

The Christian speaker and author believes that God is trying to change this culture through Trump.

"He [Trump] is espousing a new way of operating because he is sounding a trumpet to the nation that our nation is broken and needs to be fixed. He is becoming a new prophetic voice, albeit not necessarily spiritual, but certainly based on truth. What are those values?" Hillman said.

He also praised Trump for proposing specific actions against illegal immigrants, for speaking his mind although his views are unpopular, and for demanding accountability in our economic system of government.