God TV to gather thousands in Israel for anniversary broadcast

Global Christian broadcaster, GOD TV, is planning a mammoth tour which will see thousands of Christians from different countries visit Israel next May to celebrate her 60th Anniversary as a modern nation.

Hosted by GOD TV founders, Rory & Wendy Alec, the tour will comprise of a full variety of events. Tour members will be able to choose from four different itineraries including a youth adventure option.

With several different regional offices participating, GOD TV has already received bookings from all over the USA, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australasia and 3,000 beds have been booked in Jerusalem for the tour which takes place from 8-16 May 2008.

Seats have also been reserved on several flights to take all the pilgrims to Israel.

GOD TV has taken many tour groups to Israel before, but it says this journey will be unique due to its historic timing and a major 60th Anniversary event is being planned with many high profile guests, which will be broadcast worldwide.

"The re-gathering of the Jewish people to their Promised Land and the establishment of the modern State of Israel in 1948 were a major fulfillment of Bible prophecy." GOD TV chief executive, Rory Alec said. "This shows how faithful God is to keep His promises to us as believers today, as well as to His ancient people. Now sixty years on, we are privileged to be able to celebrate this monumental milestone with the Jewish people."

As the only TV Channel ever to transmit from Jerusalem, GOD TV says it enjoys a unique relationship with the nation of Israel. It says its partners are committed to better understanding Christianity's Jewish roots and fostering ties between all the peoples of the Middle East, as they fulfill the Biblical command to pray for the Peace of Jerusalem.

"Prayer will be an integral part of our time in Israel," said GOD TV network controller, Wendy Alec, "in fact we are delighted to announce that two leading prayer events will now be included, TheCall Jerusalem and The Global Day of Prayer, adding further incentives for people to participate in this extraordinary tour."

Well known for stadium gatherings in different cities across the USA, TheCall aims to bring believers together for a radical time of prayer and fasting and TheCall Jerusalem will follow this trend.

Hosted by Lou Engle at the Givat Ram stadium facing the Knesset, this event will be held on May 11th and televised internationally as part of the wider Global Day of Prayer on GOD TV. Thousands of GOD TV's anticipated tour members together with believers in Israel will be able to attend this event in person.

The Global Day of Prayer headed by Graham Power is an annual event held on Pentecost Day each year in different countries across the globe and is broadcast LIVE on GOD TV.

Rory & Wendy Alec will host the televised version of this event from Jerusalem, with crossings to different stadiums across the different time zones including Givat Ram.

"GOD TV's 2008 Israel Tour is an opportunity not to be missed," said tour co-ordinator and GOD TV executive director, Bo Sander.

More information can be found at: www.god.tv/israel2008