'God met with me through hip-hop,' says Christian rapper KB

Christian rapper KB wants to change people's lives for the better through his music.(Facebook/KB)

Christian rapper KB originally thought that God and rap did not go together, but he has changed his mind since then because now he believes that "God met with me through hip-hop."

This is why KB has nothing but good words for his recording company Reach Records. "We believe that all creativity, all innovation—it's God who supplies creativity, because he's the Creator. Reach Records is for the people. It isn't for the money, it isn't for the fame," he told radio personality Sway in an interview.

While mainstream rappers and hip-hop artists try to outdo each other and scramble for popularity, the same cannot be said for Christians in the business. KB said he has a strong and solid friendship with fellow artists Lecrae and Andy Mineo, also from Reach Records.

They all have a deep bond because of music. But whenever they get together, they actually talk about everything else but music.

When he first started out, KB thought that financial success was the main goal of his career. But the more he pursued financial gains and fame, the emptier he felt. "It was in that moment when I had that opportunity in front of me and it wasn't doing it for me [that I realised] I needed something else," he said.

KB changed his approach. Now, what's important for KB as an artist is that people's lives are being changed for the better because of his music. "At the end of the day what matters are lives being changed. That's the prime product. That's what keeps me up at night," he shared.

He has a new album called "Tomorrow We Live," which was released last April 21. His new work has earned the rapper both critical and commercial success.

The rapper has also been extra sweet to his fans before the release of his latest album. On his Facebook page, he revealed that he "sent special ‪#‎tomorrowwelive 'influencer packs' to some folks before my album dropped. They were packed with some of my favorite stuff, an album and a hand written letter. I think I need to get these out to the fans. What yall think?"