'God had a plan,' says pastor whose sermon inspired Sajid Javid to quit as Health Secretary

Rev Les Isaac(Photo: YouTube/TPi Zone)

The pastor whose sermon stirred former Health Secretary Sajid Javid to resign his post says he has been humbled by the turn of events.

"There are better preachers than me, but God had a plan," Rev Les Isaac told Tim Farron in an interview for the MP's podcast, A Mucky Business.

Javid spoke openly of the impact Isaac's words had on him in his resignation speech in Parliament and again in comments to the media. 

During his sermon at last week's Parliamentary Prayer Breakfast, Isaac spoke about the importance of integrity.

The prayer breakfast was attended by Javid and over 100 parliamentarians. 

Javid later said, "There was a pastor there, Reverend Isaac, and I just felt I was just really listening intently to what he was saying.

"And I know it sounds strange, but it made me reflect.

"I made my decision then, sitting there listening to his sermon, and I just thought it's about integrity, it's about a duty." 

Commenting on the revelations, Rev Isaac said he hoped it would be an encouragement to other pastors. 

"It's important for all of us as ministers and men and women who preach publicly that our words are not just good homilies or sermons, but God's authority, power and spirit at work through us," he said.

"It makes me think more about the need to hear God's voice and be a channel and conduit so that God can speak to men and women."

He said the need for integrity applied to all professions, not just politicians.

"Whether you're in the politics in the church or a police officer or a teacher, society expects you to be a man or woman of integrity," he said.

"What's on the tin has to be played out in private as well as in public.

"People say you have a private life, but it doesn't affect your public life, but when we serve the public, what we do or say, people will copy and emulate. It's important we get it right in terms of integrity.

"Jesus had power and authority, but he laid it down and washed feet and served."