Germany: Christian psychotherapists under fire from 'totalitarian' gays

A psychotherapy conference to be held in Germany in May has been attacked by homosexual, feminist, anti-fascist and anti-sexist groups opposed to scheduled addresses from two Christians.

Markus Hoffmann, a therapist who provides counselling for homosexuals who wish to leave their current lifestyle, and Dr Christl Ruth Vonholdt from the German Institute for Youth and Society, are due to speak at the 6th International Congress of Psychotherapy and Counselling in the German city of Marburg.

Dr Vonholdt, a physician for child and adolescent medicine, does research and counselling on human sexuality, male and female identity formation, sexuality and culture and marriage and the family. She has previously wrote a paper in which she said accepting homosexuality as normal was no longer about tolerance but was also dissolving marriage bonds and family ties.

At the end of March, the Lesbian and Gay Association of Germany (LSVD) sent an open letter to the Mayor of Marburg and to the university criticising the management of the congress and demanding that talks by the two Christians be cancelled.

In opposition to the LSVD letter, 600 Germans from professional backgrounds issued a public statement and petition protesting the “totalitarian aspirations of the gay and lesbian associations”, reports the Catholic Exchange. The petition also stated that the LSVD was attempting to squash freedom of expression and academic inquiry.

Homosexual groups have put pressure on similar events in the past. In 2007 Markus Hoffmann withdrew from a conference on “Religiosity in Psychiatry and Psychotherapy” following pressure from homosexuals. The conference in Graz had to proceed under police protection, as did a Bremen event called “Christival” in 2008.

In the statement of opposition, the signatories said such actions by the homosexual lobby "constitute an attack on fundamental liberties guaranteed by the constitution".

The statement added, "Nobody denies the dignity of persons with homosexual orientation and their personal freedom. But there are people who suffer and seek therapeutic help."