Germany Rejecting 'Almost All' Applications for Asylum of Christian Refugees, Pastor Reveals

Migrants stay in a queue after arriving at the Austrian-German border in Wegscheid near Passau, Germany, on Oct. 27, 2015.Reuters

These Christian refugees thought they finally found a safe refuge when they arrived in Germany after fleeing persecution in their homelands.

But now their asylum hopes are being "hijacked" in "kangaroo" courts as they face the prospects of deportation and returning again to the horrors they had fled from.

Dr. Gottfried Martens, a pastor at Trinity Lutheran Church in Berlin, has revealed that the German government is rejecting almost all applications for asylum from most of his church's Iranian and Afghan refugee members who have waited years in Germany for the government to hear their cases, CBN News reported.

He said these asylum seekers are now receiving deportation notices.

Trinity Lutheran Church is known for its work with Iranian and Afghan refugees. It considers itself as the fastest growing Lutheran church congregation in Germany.

Martens explained that migrants increase their chances of winning asylum in Germany if they are able to prove that they would face persecution if sent home to a Muslim country, according to the Daily Mail.

They can do this by showing proof that they are Christian or have converted to Christianity.

But the problem is that Muslim translators are "hijacking" their asylum applications by deliberately misquoting them during their "kangaroo court" asylum hearings, making it look like their conversion was fabricated. Thus their asylum claim is deemed falsified and subsequently rejected, leading to their deportation, Martens said.

"The almost exclusively Muslim translators deliberately stick the knife in our congregational members by falsely translating what they say," Martens wrote in a Christmas letter to his supporters on Dec. 22, the Daily Mail reported.

Martens earlier expressed concern that some Muslims come to his church and express interest in Christianity just to improve their chances of getting their asylum request approved.

The German pastor also denounced the continuing harassment of Christian migrants and Christian converts living in German refugee shelters. "Many of them suffered violent attacks from Muslim residents," he said.

Last year, CBN News reported on the harassment of Christian refugees in Germany. Open Doors, a German-based organisation, confirmed the reports after documenting the attacks made by Muslim migrants against Christian refugees.