George Verwer New Passion in Helping the Battle Against HIV

After handing over the leadership of OM to British-born Peter Maiden last July, George Verwer revealed his new passion in helping in the battle against HIV/AIDS.

George is well-known as having a burning concern for vital, propagating and revolutionary Christianity in his own life and in those he meets. "I have a lot less pressure now, and I am also involved in a lot of projects; especially those in connection with HIV, like literature projects around the world that helps mobilize and train the Church to do more about HIV and, of course, the Gospel as well." George Verwer said.

George Verwer was the founder of Operation Mobilization (OM), a worldwide ministry of evangelism, discipleship training and church planting, now over 3,000 people from 80 nations are serving with Operation Mobilisation to bring a message of hope to the peoples of the world.

When Verwer was asked why the HIV/AIDS pandemic had become such a concern to him, he replied, "I had been reading about it for a long time and we are involved in those countries where it has spread. Also, Dr. Patrick Dixon, the man who birthed ACET [AIDS Care Education and Training Ltd.,] became a very close friend.

"I believe that God, through people, has shown me that this is one of the most important and horrendous things going on in the world today and that everybody should be doing something." Verwer said while attending the 12th Annual Faith & Values Gala in California on Wednesday, 24th March.

Then Verwer issued a challenge to the Christian Church. "I think that everybody should do something,"he said. "A lot of people need to be tested because they may have the HIV themselves and then we need to help raise funds to help Africa where the people can't afford the drugs that can prolong their lives and where there is a lot of ignorance. Bruce Wilkerson has just released a blockbuster film about HIV and AIDS and we want to make sure that that film gets wide circulation and not just be seen by a few people."

George Verwer usually spends his time with his OM friends in some of the poorest countries of the world.