Gay Christian Group's Ultimatum To CofE: We Won't Wait For You


In the wake of a report to the Church of England's House of Bishops on human sexuality, a gay Christian group is demanding a change in the way the Church treats gay clergy and lay members.

The Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement, which is about to merge with another group, Changing Attitude, has released an open letter to bishops which accuses them of running a "process [that] has almost entirely failed to hear the cries of faithful LGBTI+ people".

It comes after the bishops' official announcement on the issue, which has been published this morning, indicating little change to official doctrine.

The letter suggests that the groups will now begin to go beyond the official processes set out by the Church to discuss the issues. It says they "will now begin a series of campaigns to change this situation. We will use the levers of power available to us and will oppose and challenge your stance where it is intransigent at every opportunity."

The letter implies that LGBT Christians won't be looking to leave the Church. It says: "Those of us who are members of the Church of England will remain in communion with you and will insist on making our protests and acting in ways that seek to hold the Church of England together."

For its part, the House of Bishops of the Church of England has indicated there will be little change to official doctrine. As Christian Today reported this morning: "The CofE's bishops have announced there 'are no proposals' to change laws that prevent gay people from getting married in church and prevent clergy from entering into same-sex marriages...But bishops insist they will offer 'maximum freedom' for LGBT couples within the current laws and teaching of the Church, opening the possibility of an official service for gay couples."