Christian Radio Broadcast in Iran

Iran -- SAT-T Christian radio ministries began broadcasting in Farsi ?the majority language in Iran.

According to Lazarus Yaghnazar, the director of ICB, they were able to feed 3,000 people at its peak.

"We were able to connect with the church in Iran where finally 20 members of the church went to Bam an started a kitchen," said Yaghnazar. an immediate response was made to the situation."

According to Yaghnazar, this is the first time the Iranians are able to get a clear view point of what Christianity is, because what they see from the secular t-v channels they have come to believe that's what Christian values are."

Many of those grieving from the deadly Bam earthquake last December are also being touched.

"They would say, 'how come you're showing such love? Are you a Christian?' The response would be with hugs and cheers and would you please pray for me in the name of (Jesus)," said Yaghnazar. "So, (there have been) many encouraging opportunities like that."

ICB broadcasts six hours of Farsi programming per week for people in Iran, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, or Europe . Their goal is to increase the time to eight hours.