'Fuller House' season 4 release date news: Speculations point to 2018 premiere

The promotional poster for the Netflix original series, "Fuller House."Facebook/FullerHouseNetflix

The Netflix original series, "Fuller House" just came out with season 3 on Sept. 22, which marked the 30-year anniversary of the original '80s series "Full House." However, fans are already wondering about season 4, even if all the episodes for season 3 have not been aired yet. The continuation of the '80s show "Full House" looks like it will not be stopping any time soon.

Bustle reported that there are only nine episodes that are out and nine more coming in December, which makes a total of 18 episodes for season 3. This is a drastic change in number of episodes, since the previous season only had 13 episodes each. There are still a significant amount of episodes to look forward to but fans are wondering if they will be able to see the children of D.J., played by Candace Cameron Bure, head to college?

If the latter episodes of season 3 arrive before the year ends, then it is likely that season 4 may arrive sometime in the late months of 2018. Having said that, fans will have to make do with what they currently have and will have to look forward to the remaining episodes for season 3.

On a sadder note, "Full House" alums, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen are not expected to return in the next episodes and even for season 4. In an exclusive interview with Us Weekly, the show's creator Jeff Franklin revealed that the showrunners have grown tired of asking the Olsen twins to make an appearance on "Fuller House" – even for old time's sake. Franklin said that the twins will be welcome to be part of the show anytime they want.

In the past seasons, the absence of the Olsen twins has not stopped the writers from subtly pointing out the absence of the shared character, Michelle. According to People, this makes the Olsen twins the only regulars from the long-running '80s series to not make an appearance in the reboot. Despite the Olsen twins' absence, this has not stopped the creators and cast members of the show from having a blast with the reboot.