From Swarovski to sports: a bizarre Bible for every occasion

Ever thought you might read the Bible more if the cover were a bit less, well, black? Well, now you can: Christian Today has found six great Bibles designed to cater for every taste.

1. The Waterproof Bible

Published by Bardin and Marsee, this will set you back a cool $44.95 – but you can drop it in the bath or over a waterfall and it will still be readable. It even floats! The publishers say: "The durability of the Waterproof Bible gives you the freedom to take God's Word with you anywhere – hunting, fishing, camping, missions... with worry free confidence that your Bible will withstand the test of time." That's funny – we thought it already had?

2. The Heart of the Outdoors

Another one for rufty-tufty types: this has a camouflage cover and is "designed especially for hunting and fishing enthusiasts". It features noted sports people who "share how to read God's Word, how to pray and how Scripture has increased their love for the outdoors". Order in quantity and you can get one for as little as $4.75.

3. The Pink Camouflage Bible

Published by Thomas Nelson, this one's billed as "The perfect Bible for the girl who loves outdoor adventures – and isn't afraid to show it!" At $24.99, it "offers girls a cool look when carrying their Bible to church, school, camp, or on the go" and is "a great choice for girls of any age who want a Bible that stands out" – which makes you think they haven't really got the whole camouflage idea. If you think the whole idea of branding books by gender is a bit 1950s – even Ladybird has stopped doing it – it might also make you see red, rather than pink.

4. NIV Backpack Bible

As it happens, another one for girls, though Zondervan caters for boys too: $24.99 for this one, which is "small enough to fit into almost any backpack or bag. Ideal for home, school, or church use and available in a variety of designs and colours." There's even a picture of people with backpacks on the front in case you haven't got the idea.

 5. The Bling Bible

Actually it's the Swarovsky Crystal Bible with Pink Cross, and it will set you back a cool $220. "For girls we have white or pink children's bibles embellished with 345 Swarovski crystals. Black Bibles with silver rhinestud and hematite stone accents for the boys." Sounds like something to go in a glass case rather than something you'd actually read.

6. The Sports Bible

Another Zondervan offering, this is a Bible bound like a football. The leather-look good book costs $26.99 and "offers fans of basketball, soccer, and football a way to show their enthusiasm for both the Bible and their favourite sport". Kids, they might look similar, but don't mistake the Bible for a football. Come to think of it, don't mistake your football for a Bible either.