Franklin Graham: U.S. Episcopal Church deserves Anglican Communion suspension for its pro-gay marriage stance

Evangelist Franklin Graham at a stop on his Decision America Tour.(BGEA)

Reverend Franklin Graham strongly believes Christians should reject homosexuality but still be gay-friendly. So when the U.S. Episcopal Church got suspended by the Anglican Communion recently over its support of gay marriage, Graham understood why.

"The Episcopal Church in the U.S. has just received a major scolding. The worldwide Anglican Communion voted to suspend the entire U.S. Episcopal Church this week because it has embraced same-sex marriage, allowing the election of homosexual priests and allowing same-sex marriages to be performed," he wrote on his Facebook page.

Some might have questioned the decision made by the Anglican Communion, even criticising its seemingly harsh suspension. But for Graham, the decision was warranted.

"They deserve to be called out for this — it is wrong and is against what Almighty God clearly teaches in His Word. I hope this will cause the Episcopal Church here in America to realise the seriousness of the steps they've taken contrary to the Bible and cause them to turn back to following what God's Word tells us," he said.

Graham is currently busy travelling to different states for his Decision America Tour, where he encourages Christian Americans to go out and vote and be more involved in politics. His latest stop was in Concord, New Hampshire, where he was overwhelmed by the large turnout despite the unforgiving weather conditions.

"Wow — even though it was 18 degrees outside, a great crowd braved the New Hampshire cold to join me at the State House Capitol steps to pray for our nation! It was great!" he said. "People go to football games and sit in the cold for hours to watch a game—I'm thankful for those who were willing to come out despite the weather and take a stand! This was stop #4 of 50 state capitals on the Decision America Tour."