Franklin Graham says people are fed up with political correctness in America

Instead of 'political correctness,' America needs 'spiritual correctness,' says Franklin Graham.(BGEA)

Reverend Franklin Graham is not endorsing any presidential candidate, but as he tuned in to watch the third Republican debate, he cannot help but agree with the thoughts of frontrunners Donald J. Trump and Dr. Ben Carson with regards to America's current disdain towards political correctness.

"I agree with Donald J. Trump and Dr. Ben Carson on this issue — political correctness is not what we need. We need truth," he writes on his Facebook page. "Many Americans, and I am one of them, are fed up with political correctness. Our society had better stop being so concerned about being politically correct and start being concerned about being spiritually correct!"

As individuals and as a nation, Graham strongly believes that everybody needs to turn their hearts to God and rely on Him for guidance. "We need to understand that God's laws and His standards never change, and He will hold us accountable. But God is also willing and eager to forgive us, if we repent and trust in His Son Jesus Christ," he says.

Graham then shares the Bible verse Psalm 86:5. It says, "For You, Lord, are good, and ready to forgive, and abundant in mercy to all those who call upon You."

Just a few days ago, Graham recalled America's 26th president Teddy Roosevelt as the nation observed his 157th birthday. The late president believed that America would be nothing without the values God taught His people, and Graham could not agree more. "The all-important thing to keep in mind is that if we have not both Strength and Virtue we shall fail," Roosevelt had said.

"His statement is still true today — Strength and Virtue must go hand-in-hand if there is hope for our nation. Both apply spiritually as well," Graham says.