Franklin Graham says Obama influenced by Islam, all his policies are 'against Christ'

Reverend Franklin Graham thinks President Barack Obama's upbringing might have something to do with his administration's lack of concern towards Christians.(BGEA)

Everything that US President Barack Obama has stood for during his presidency has "been against Christ and against His teachings," according to Reverend Franklin Graham.

Appearing on Newsmax TV recently, the outspoken evangelist said Obama was heavily influenced by Islam while he was growing up since both his paternal father and stepfather were Muslim. He even went to a Muslim school.

"His formative years were all guided by the influences of Islam. So his Christian position, I don't know," said Graham. "All I know is that the policies that he has stood behind as president have been against Christ and against His teachings. Abortion is a sin and if you look at same-sex marriage, this is a sin against God, and the president has stood defiantly against God and against His teaching and the teachings of the Scripture."

As far as Obama's foreign policies are concerned, Graham said that the president does not seem to apply a Christian approach either. Everybody knows about the massive Christian persecution in the Middle East right now, but Obama went ahead with the Iran nuclear deal anyway.

"We look in Iran, this [nuclear] deal that was signed and we did not get our prisoners back, did not get [Pastor] Saeed Abedini... [who is imprisoned] just because of his faith and the Iranians not only have him in jail, he's tortured and repeatedly tortured," Graham lamented.

The evangelist could not believe how Obama could seek friendly ties with the Iranian regime, which is known to persecute American citizens just for being Christians.

"I was with [Abedini's wife] today and we were talking to her," he said. "But it is just wicked what this Islamic government of Iran is doing to one of our citizens and it's not just one. We have a former Marine there, and these men are subject to all types of abuse and torture, but Saeed Abedini especially because of his faith and they are torturing him for his faith."

Prayer alert for victims of South Carolina floods

Shifting from his disdain towards Obama, Graham wrote a message of concern towards the victims of the massive South Carolina flooding on his Facebook page.

"My thoughts and prayers are with the people of South Carolina who are experiencing a catastrophic rain event which experts are calling a 1,000-year flood. Several people have died so far, and thousands of people's homes have been lost or severely damaged. One Columbia resident said, 'We have lost everything. What I have on my body is what we have...'" he said.

Graham's charitable organisation Samaritan's Purse is ready to respond to the hardest hit areas, but they are still waiting for the waters to recede before going there.

"Pray for the emergency responders, the National Guard, Governor Nikki Haley, and all those working tirelessly to help as the rains continue to fall in some areas this morning," Graham asked the public.