Franklin Graham believes that every business should be 'gay-friendly'

Evangelist Franklin Graham believes that there is a difference between gay-friendly establishments and those that advocate gay lifestyle.

Reverend Franklin Graham said recently he would no longer be supporting Wells Fargo Bank and Tiffany & Co. because these two companies started using same-sex couples in their advertisements. He is encouraging fellow Christians to take his lead and boycott companies that promote moral decay.

Since then, his ministry has moved its bank account from Wells Fargo to BB&T, which is widely known as a gay-friendly bank. Many people have questioned the move, and in an article written for USA Today, Graham explained his decision.

He said the Billy Graham Evangelic Association did not switch bank accounts because Wells Fargo was a gay-friendly establishment; rather, they left the bank because it was advocating same-sex relationships.

"Being gay-friendly is not optional; it is a commandment from Jesus. But being an advocate for the gay lifestyle contradicts God's word," Graham explained.

"In fact, it may surprise some to learn that I think every business should be gay-friendly. By that I mean businesses—like individuals—should be friendly to gay customers and citizens. We should be friendly to everyone, even if or when we disagree with them," he added.

Wells Fargo moved from being a gay-friendly establishment to one that publicly advocates gay lifestyle when it chose to feature a same-sex couple with their adopted child through their national television advertising campaign.

Had Graham stayed with Wells Fargo, his ministry would be associating with the promotion of a lifestyle which they strongly believe is wrong. They would also be helping pay for their advertisements by virtue of banking with them, said Graham.

"We simply chose not to continue doing business with a bank that is promoting something that violates our conscience and beliefs," he said.