Franklin Graham admires Donald Trump for shaking up GOP and politics overall

Reverend Franklin Graham says Washington has become ‘so corrupt and off-focus.’(Facebook/Franklin Graham)

Reverend Franklin Graham does not want to be misconstrued as endorsing any political candidate, but he cannot help but express admiration for Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump for bravely tackling hot-button topics and proudly proclaiming his Christian faith.

"There's been a lot of media stir around Donald Trump since the GOP debates Thursday night. I'm not endorsing Donald J. Trump or any other candidate, but one thing's for sure — he's shaking up the Republican Party and the political process overall. And it needs shaking up!" Graham wrote on his Facebook page.

Graham is concerned that Washington has become "so corrupt and off-focus." However, he is impressed by the lineup of presidential hopefuls for 2016, and he hopes that the one who will emerge triumphant in the end would be able to bring America back to its former glory.

"We have some great individuals running for president in 2016. My advice to them? Stop taking cheap shots at each other and get back to telling the American people what you can do for this country and how you're going to do it. It is my prayer that God will give us a president who will look to Him for wisdom and direction as he or she leads this great nation," he said.

Earlier, Graham warned the candidates that leadership is demonstrated not by attacking each other, saying they should focus on presenting their ideas for the betterment of America without bashing one another. The media might try to stir up some conflict, the evangelist said, but he believes that educated people would not want to hear any backbiting, petty squabbling, or negative attack ads, since these will only make a mockery out of American elections.

"I pray that God will guide and direct each of you. It is my prayer that you will consider the future of our nation and put that above personal ambitions. May this be a new chapter in American politics. And may we remember that the problems we are facing in this country today cannot be solved by any man or woman without the help and direction of Almighty God," Graham said.