Franklin Graham on foetus parts sale: This is murder in God's eyes and sin has a price

Even though abortion is a terrible sin, Reverend Franklin Graham says God is willing to forgive those responsible for this as long as they turn to Him and sincerely repent.Reuters

The recent exposé that tagged abortion service provider Planned Parenthood for illegally selling foetal body parts appeared to have shaken the entire world, prompting Reverend Franklin Graham to warn transgressors that God will come to judge all sins.

"Abortion is a sin and is clearly murder in God's eyes. The people who perform it have no conscience, so I'm not at all surprised that they would be selling organs, tissue, and body parts from babies," he wrote on his Facebook page.

Graham strongly believes that Planned Parenthood should be put out of business, especially since they have already done enough damage to the lives of mothers and their unborn children.

"Sin has an enormous price. Our nation will one day have to answer to God for the millions of innocent lives taken by abortion, and that applies to every politician who voted for and defended abortion," he warned.

But Graham also reminded people that God's love is vast and astounding, so much so that He is willing to forgive any sin, just as long as people humble themselves before Him and sincerely repent.

"Thankfully though, no sin is too great for God's forgiveness — even murder," he said.

Graham lamented that there is currently a "moral decay" in America. Aside from abortion, Christians also have to battle homosexuality and same-sex marriage, and the battle gets harder now that the Supreme Court has forsaken the traditional view of marriage and legalised gay marriage. The LGBTQ community continues to fight for their rights and remove gender discrimination. But as far as marriage is concerned, Graham believes that the discrimination should remain.

"Marriage was created to be gendered! The One who created marriage defined it as between a man and a woman," he stressed.