Franklin Graham considers same-sex marriage, transgender issue, abortion as major failures of America

Rev. Franklin Graham asserts that America was founded on biblical principles.(BGEA)

Reverend Franklin Graham believes that same-sex marriage in America has reached a "ridiculous" level, adding that he considers this, together with the transgender issue and abortion, as a "major failure" of the country.

"Same-sex marriage. We see that on the table. I see this as a major failure of our nation. Abortion, no question. But now that we're accepting same-sex marriage — the transgender issue is being forced in many communities by the left," the evangelical leader told WSB Radio. "It's just the beginning of a moral onslaught on this nation."

One of the things about America's growing acceptance of homosexuality that has gotten Graham concerned is the LGBT community's push for same-sex bathrooms. For Graham, a person cannot just wake up one day believing he or she is a woman, then go back to being a man the next day.

"There are certain things that — we need privacy in this world. The left wants to take all privacy away from individuals. How many transgender people do you think there are in the world? A few hundred or a few thousand? We're going to change all of society, millions and millions of American people, to accommodate just a handful of people who want to go to the bathroom? This is ridiculous," he said.

This is why Graham considers it very crucial for Christians to come out and vote during the upcoming elections. He believes that America needs a God-fearing leader who will steer the country back to its proper moral course.

"We're trying to get the Christian, the evangelical community to vote in this upcoming election. Last election, there were close to 20 to 30 million evangelical Christians that stayed home. I want people to know that their vote counts," he said. "I think this could be the most important election, maybe, in my lifetime. Because we're at a crossroads. The Democratic Party wants to take the route of socialism. They want the United States to become a socialist country. And that's not what built America."