Fox accused of disrespecting Christianity, mocking the Bible with continued airing of 'Lucifer'

Tom Ellis plays Lucifer Morningstar in the new Fox TV drama series 'Lucifer.'(Fox)

The television watchdog group One Million Moms is continuing its battle against Fox's new drama called "Lucifer," which "glorifies Satan as a caring, likable person in human flesh."

The group warns on its website that the show is "spiritually dangerous" because it makes the devil "look cool and irresistible to women." He is depicted as a good guy who is simply "bored and unhappy as the Lord of Hell," and so he abandons his kingdom, retires in Los Angeles, and takes the persona of bar owner Lucifer Morningstar.

The devil in the show "Lucifer" feels happy when he helps the LAPD punish criminals, and he even falls in love with a female detective who displays "goodness and purity."

One Million Moms is very concerned that the show will "make people rethink assumptions about good and evil, including God and Satan," especially when Lucifer refuses to return to hell.

When God sends His emissary, the angel Amenadiel, to convince Lucifer to go back to his rightful place, the latter says no. "Do you think I'm the devil because I'm inherently evil or just because dear old Dad decided I was?" Lucifer tells Amenadiel.

At the same time, the show is filled with graphic acts of violence, since the setting is a nightclub featuring scantily-clad women and a demon.

"The message of the show is clear. Lucifer is just misunderstood. He doesn't want to be a bad guy, it's God who is forcing him to play that role," One Million Mom says.

Earlier, the group filed a petition before Fox Network CEO Peter Rice, asking him not to air "Lucifer." However, Fox went ahead with the show.

"The program previews mischaracterize Satan, departs from true biblical teachings about him, and inaccurately portrays the beliefs of the Christian faith," the petition reads. "By choosing to air this show, Fox is disrespecting Christianity and mocking the Bible."