Four years later Google's search bias is as blatant as ever

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In his 2019 book The Madness of Crowds: Gender, Race and Identity, Douglas Murray exposed the cultural insanity that has gripped so much of the modern world.

He pointed out that, no sooner was there more equality than ever between the sexes that the war on men was launched.

And no sooner was there more equality than ever between the races that the war on whiteness was launched.

Murray brought a wide array of arguments to support his theses but none were more striking than the images that came up on Google searches for specific terms and phrases.

It was hard to deny what you could see with your own eyes.

That was back in 2019, and one would think that with such damning revelations, Google would have made some changes. In fact, months before Murray's book came out, a headline announced, "Google Explains Why Some Image Search Results Look Racist." (Sorry, but I didn't find the article convincing in the least, especially given the sophistication of these search engines.)

Murray had pointed out that when you searched Google for Gay Couples, you would see a host of images with gay couples, as expected. When you searched for Black Couples, you would see a host of images with Black couples, again, as expected.

But if you searched for Straight Couples or White Couples or Straight White couples, the results were anything but what you could expect.

Now, Murray's book was widely read, and one would think that the embarrassment caused by this information would have brought about some search integrity.

For my part, it was only this year that I dove into The Madness of Crowds, so I decided to check the results for myself. Surely, I would not get the same results Murray got four years later, right?


Let's start with Black Couples, clicking on Images. My search yielded row after row of Black couples. What do you know!

Now we'll switch to Gay Couples. What did the Google search engine produce? The same thing. Row after row of images of gay couples, some with their kids, but all male-male or female-female. The only exception was the occasional image of a throuple, but here too, all three participants were gay.

How about Black Gay Couples? Yet again, exactly what you asked for: every image is of a Black gay couple, with "gay" specifically meaning "male."

Now let's try White Couples. What comes up in the search?

The first couple features a White man and a Black woman. The same with the second image (I'm not making this up). The fourth image is that of a Black man and possibly a Hispanic man (the image links to the website, "Loving Interracial Couples"), and the fifth that of a White woman and a Black man.

I tried this on different days and the results were shockingly similar.

What in the world is going on?

When I searched for Straight Couples, there was at least one image of a same-sex couple on each of the first three rows, some of the images linked to an article on what straight couples could learn from gay couples.

When I searched for Straight White Couples – to repeat, I am not making this up – the very first image that came up was that of a gay interracial couple – chew on that for a moment – a White man and a Black man. To repeat, this was searching for Straight White Couples.

To be sure, there was also a link to a YouTube video titled, "Searching straight white couples on google images. Douglas Murray was right!" That video is two years old, yet still, two years later, no change.

Even something as simple as searching for Black Men and then White Men yielded the same results.
All Black men for the first search; lots of White men, plus Black men for the second search.

Talk about political correctness on steroids and beyond. Talk about mass manipulation, especially when you realize that the vast amount of manipulation is not so obvious and blatant.

Put another way, the manipulation can be so powerful because you don't know you're being manipulated, since you're actually searching for information in order to learn and be informed.

Not everything is as it seems!

Just out of curiosity, I repeated these searches on Microsoft's Bing.

While the search for Black and Gay individuals and couples produced the expected results, the search for White Couples yielded the exact opposite. Out of the first 6 images, every single one featured a multi-racial couple.

At the risk of being redundant, I kid you not!

Of the next 6 images, again, only one featured an all-White couple and one featured an all-Black couple.

This is beyond insane.

As for Straight Couples in Bing, it only took four images before you were introduced to your first same-sex couple, while in the second row of images, there was another same-sex couple followed by a straight couple waving gay pride flags. Naturally!

Finally, searching for Straight White Couples yielded the following: of the first 11 images, four featured interracial couples, three featured same-sex couples, one featured a Black couple, and three featured straight White couples – but again, one of the images featured that same straight couple with the rainbow flags.

How does one say in Latin, "Let the searcher beware?"

Dr. Michael Brown ( is the host of the nationally syndicated Line of Fire radio program. His latest book is Why So Many Christians Have Left the Faith. Connect with him on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube.