Former Witch Opens Up About Shocking Ritual of Abuse That Takes Place During Halloween


A former witch named Beth accepted Jesus Christ into her life two years ago and let go of her past sinful ways. Now, she is sharing some of the horrible things she experienced as a witch in hopes of encouraging those who are feeling lost like she once did to turn to God and fill their lives with hope and love.

On her blog called "The Other Side of Darkness," Beth opened up about the horrors of Halloween. She said she used to be obsessed with all things related to Halloween, including dressing up in scary costumes, creating skull and tombstone decorations.

But ever since she became a Christian, she let go of all these pagan practices.

Beth said Halloween is a holy day for witches and Satanists and that she was once forced to take part in their rituals.

"All satanic rituals have one main purpose: to align people with the kingdom of darkness, so they can be filled with evil and be used to carry out the works of the devil," she said. "The devil has to do this, because what else does he have to gain power? No one would openly align themselves with the devil over darkness, when they know the Truth of the goodness of God."

Beth said the devil likes to prey on the innocent. One Halloween night, she recalled dressing up and going to her grandmother's house with her parents. Beth was excited to go trick or treating, but before doing so, her parents told her they had to go to the church first to get some candy.

"We went to the church and what happened next made my blood curdle. I was given candy, but that was just a prelude to the sexual abuse that would happen in a satanic ritual," she said. "On Halloween, Satanists use young children, such as myself, as sexual idols to worship. Other children receive a far worse fate — death."

It's painful for Beth to recall what happened, but she is confronting it now to proclaim how God protected her during that terrifying ordeal.

"There are many churches that are going to have just the same type of rituals on Halloween night. Christian churches, Catholic churches, and more. Satan does not care what your religious beliefs are. He only cares that he can get a door in. Once he gets that door open, he is in for good, because the deception is just so deep. If we as a society cannot see that this happens, or refuse to believe it could be true, then no wonder Satan is in so deeply," said Beth.

She added that hundreds of thousands of other innocent children are being subjected to torment during Halloween nights.

She prays that God would bring all of the victims healing.