Former Miss South Africa shares losing her faith and her journey back

Former Miss South Africa Liesl Laurie speaks as a radio jock.(YouTube screenshot)

They may project an image of always being on top of everything and exude an air of confidence with every public appearance. Yet beauty queens are not exempt from their fair share of life's challenges.

This was pointed out by former Miss South Africa Liesl Laurie who confessed to Essays of Africa that she came to a point in her life when she lost her faith in God, Times Live reports.

"A few years ago I lost my faith in God. I came to a point where I had given up on the healing power of my faith and turned into someone I was not necessarily proud of," she said.

The beauty queen did not elaborate on what prompted her faith to be shaken.

She said she has regained her faith and now gives her full trust to God to take care of her through her hardships.

"I now know to trust in God's timing in all spheres of my life no matter how difficult a situation may appear," she said.

Last May, Laurie miraculously survived a car accident when she was rear-ended by another vehicle on a highway, which pushed her car under a truck, Sowetan reported.

Witnesses were surprised that she even survived the accident, sustaining only minor injuries.

It was reported that she used her wits and crawled out through the rear passenger window of her car and suffered injuries only on her arms and legs.

Meanwhile, the latest news hints that  the former Miss South Africa may be joining the radio jocks at Jacaranda FM.

While there has been no official confirmation when she will officially come on board as part of the Jacaranda family, Jacaranda FM General Manager Kevin Fine did state that Laurie is currently training for the job.

"Liesl Laurie is currently a trainee. No further comment," he said.