Former Alabama pastor facing 29 sex abuse charges hired as minister in Texas church

The First Baptist Church in Bedford, Texas. Inset at left is a mugshot of Charles Kyle Adcock, taken at the Collin County Sheriff's Office in Texas.(Google/Collin County Sheriff's Office)

There must have been a huge lapse in judgment after Charles Kyle Adcock was recently hired as a music minister in the First Baptist Church in the Dallas suburb of Bedford, Texas, even as he faces charges for 29 counts of sexual abuse, including rape and sodomy, while he was working as a youth pastor at Woodward Avenue Baptist Church in Alabama sometime between 2010 and 2012.

According to Fox 4 KDFW, Julie Brooks and Jennifer Fawks, whose children take classes at the First Baptist Church, grew very concerned after learning that Adcock was hired as the church's music minister.

"Kids trust ministers," Brooks explained. "And so if they are approached by someone that works in the church, you would trust them. You would have no reason not to."

A warrant has actually been issued for Adcock in Colbert County, Alabama. Colbert County District Attorney's office said a warrant has been issued for his arrest for violation of his bond conditions.

But First Baptist Church Pastor Steve Knott maintained that the church performs thorough background checks on their employees, and explained that Adock works only as a temporary employee in the music ministry. Knott also said people should not rush their judgment because Adcock has not yet been convicted of any crime.

Brooks and Fawks strongly disagreed with Knott, saying Adock should only be hired once he has been fully cleared of all charges. "Until that has been proven one way or the other," the church should not hire him, Brooks said.

A Google search for Kyle Adcock yields dozens of photos and news reports concerning the youth pastor's arrest for molestation last year.

When his old church first heard of the accusations, they issued the statement: "The congregation of Woodward Avenue Baptist Church is deeply saddened by the news that unfolded yesterday regarding a former staff member. Our first priority is to offer prayer for the victim and her family. We are willing to work with law enforcement agencies in any way necessary to help in their investigation and would encourage anyone with information about the case to contact law enforcement. Woodward Avenue Baptist Church is committed to having a positive influence in the Shoals and beyond."

Adcock's trial is expected to begin later this year.