Former Satanist says Christian prayers blocked him from committing acts of evil

John Ramirez appears in a screen capture of a video from Iglesia House of Worship CuraçaoYouTube/Iglesia House of Worship Curaçao

A former Satanist has attested to the power of Christian prayers, saying he was prevented from carrying out his evil plans when he encountered a group of intercessors during one of his missions.

John Ramirez says that he was raised in a family that was heavily into witchcraft and he had even been referred to by some friends as 'Lucifer's son' because of his participation in satanic rituals that involved animal sacrifice.

After becoming a high priest in a religion called Palo Mayombe, Ramirez soon met a girl who invited her to church and introduced him to her Christian parents.

Ramirez started attending the family's church and he eventually turned to Christ during a service. However, he came under numerous spiritual attacks shortly after renouncing witchcraft.

Despite the attacks, Ramirez held on to his faith and he now shares the Gospel with others. In his book 'Armed and Dangerous: The Ultimate Battle Plan for Targeting and Defeating the Enemy,' Ramirez shares some advice on how Christians can fight against evil through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Ramirez said that he wrote the book so that it Christians can gain insight on how they can apply 'defense' and 'offense' strategies in spiritual warfare.

He explained that Satanism is more powerful when used against Christians who do not pray. He recalled a time when he encountered a group of believers who prayed against him when he was carrying out an assignment prior to his conversion.

'It is those believers, it's that group of people, those intercessors that gave me such a beatdown in the spiritual,' he told CBN News.

'When I came into the neighborhood and they were in the spirit together holding hands. Do I know they were physically holding hands in one area? I don't know, but in the spirit realm, they were holding hands. And, they were able to chase me out the neighborhood,' he added.

Ramirez said that he aborted his mission because of the power of the prayers of Christians. He is now encouraging Christians to expand the scope of their prayers, and pray for the schools, the neighborhood and the whole nation.

The pastor said that he would not trade what he had gained in Christ for anything in this life.

'For twenty-five years of my life, I was able to do anything to anybody, anywhere,' Ramirez said, as reported by CBN News. 'I count that all to be foolish to gain Christ. He's my Uno. He's the breath that I breathe. He walks with me. I can hear the sound of His voice in my ear,' he added.