Finding Favour

New band Finding Favour make their debut with a brilliant and eponymous self-titled album.

"Shake The World" features a catchy chorus which would be amazing to sing along to in a live concert. The song is a call to set our eyes only on God instead of earthly things because this is what really frees us:

I've been around, I've been down to the bottom of hell and back again, I was almost out, I was at my end, then Love stepped in.

"Love Stepped In" offers a refreshing message of grace as God's gift for everyone and whatever their life might have been before.

The powerful single "Slip On By" contains meaningful lyrics about how we should make the most of our close relatives and friends who are blessings given by God.

The song has found a fan in popular artist Tobymac, who says it "grabbed my heart and stirred some emotion in me that made me want to live differently".

"Hallelujah We Shall Rise" is a lively worship song which gives glory to the Lord, while "Hero" describes the life of a Christian who can always count on the one true Hero to help in times of struggle.

The last piece is sung from God's point of view, giving us reassurance of his faithfulness: 

But I'll hold you together, We'll stand the weather, Cos I paid the price for you, And I won't let you go, no never

The band's catchy and refreshing songs are enhanced by lead singer Blake NeeSmith's pleasant and expressive voice.

The music alternates soft, elegant acoustic guitar and piano-based compositions, with powerful guitar-led ensembles, always dressed up with tasteful arrangements.

What is remarkable about Finding Favour is that some of their songs could be sung during church services as well as during big thrilling concerts thanks to the deep spiritual lyrics. This is definitely a band to keep an eye on.

Finding Favour comprises Blake NeeSmith on vocals, Dustin Daniels on bass and guitar, Josh Duckworth on drums, and Allen Dukes, also on guitar.

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