Feelings are mixed as the UK heads to the polls in General Election

Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn in an election debate on ITV(Photo: ITV)

As the UK was today voting in the General Election, Christians were airing mixed views on Twitter.

The Bishop of Leeds, the Rt Rev Nick Baines, said he wanted the "lying to stop", regardless of who wins the election.

"Whichever party gets into government today, we must demand of them honesty, integrity and truthfulness. The lying has to stop," he said.

Church of Scotland minister Alistair May said that many voters felt like they were "picking the slightly lesser of evils".

"This election will give legal authority to a government, but little moral authority to anyone," he said.

While some Christians have spoken of abstaining, Graham Nicholls, director of the evangelical church network, Affinity, urged people to get out and vote, saying that it was "part of our submission and respect for those in authority that we do so".

The Christian Institute was encouraging people to think of the election in terms of "making #MyChristianVote count".

In its election briefing published earlier this month, the organisation urged Christians to reflect on the "important Christian principles [that] are at stake and where biblical principles directly apply".

The document outlined several areas of concern across party manifestos, including relationships and sex education policies being introduced by the Conservatives, and controversial pledges to decriminalise abortion by Labour and the Lib Dems.

Caroline Farrow, a Catholic reporter who was investigated by the police for alleged misgendering, expressed her dissatisfaction with the options before voters.

"It's a sign of the moral degeneracy into which the UK has slipped that today we have to choose between a supporter of terrorism and a shameless adulterer," she said. 

Christian writer Nick Donnelly was more ominous, writing: "My dread about tomorrow's UK election:

"God punishes a people who have betrayed him by allowing them to reap the consequences of their sin

"This country advocates abortion, homosexuality, greed & Godlessness as good.

"A Marxist government under Corbyn would be a just punishment."