Fast and Furious 7 cast prays for Paul Walker before filming; Tyrese Gibson 'God's grace is all we have'

"The boys are back. Will you be ready?" Paul Walker tweeted this photo just a day before his fatal car crash.Twitter

Paul Walker's "Fast and Furious 7" has resumed filming, four months after the tragic death of the actor.

Prior to commencing filming of the "Fast and Furious 7", actor Tyrese Gibson revealed that the cast will honor Walker with a prayer.

Gibson told TooFab: "God's grace is all we have. Before we start filming we are going to have a strong prayer. That will be the start, before we film anything. That's what is needed for us to do Fast & Furious 7." He continued, "This is the only movie I ever worked on where we are all real close even after the movie is over. It wasn't just losing a co-star, he was family for real. That's why it took so long to recover."

The cast and crew were back to work this week and director James Wan shared a photo on Instagram, updating fans on the progress of the film. He shared a photo of a clapperboard with the caption: "First day back filming. Better and stronger. #Fast&Furious7."

Creators have yet to reveal what will happen to the late actor's Brian O'Conner character. There have been reports that he will be retired from the film and that the remaining shots of Walker will be filmed using body doubles and CGI.

It has been reported that screenwriter Chris Morgan has completely rewritten the script following the sudden death of Walker.

The film, originally slated for a 2014 release, will not be released on April 10, 2015.